What is My Bodhi Aqua Biking? My Bodhi Aqua Biking is a phenomenal new bespoke fitness experience in a private, individual aqua cabin combined with a stationary cycling (spinning).

Why Cycling under the water? in the water, resistance is 12 time stronger than on land enabling you to burn up to 800kcal per hour and improving your endurance. Water buoyancy provides both pressure and support for your body, easing muscles, bones and joints. Your blood circulation is stimulated by the water friction, the lymphatic system is activated and cellulite elimination is facilitated. You work hard but in a gentle way with no uncomfortable sweating and no post workout soreness.

Why water exercise is better than land exercise? Research constantly shows that exercising in water provides so many health & fitness benefits and it is often used in rehabilitation.  Aqua biking works as a physical therapy activity. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout and uses the benefits of water buoyancy and resistance to make the exercise motion and sequences especiallyt gentle on the joints. This process makes for a great training experience, suitable for everyone!

What are the benefits? Benefits are incredible and many!  It is excellent for shaping and toning, including for cellulite and heavy legs syndrome, joint aches and pains as well as rehabilitation and general fitness and wellbeing Read more on the full benefits here.

How many calories do i burn in a session? Water resistance helps burn up to 800kcal per hour depending on the intensity of your workout.

How hard can you work? Its up to you! The faster you cycle, the harder it is…the harder you go the more calories you will burn.

What do i need to wear? All you need is your swimwear for the session. Bring a towel. Change facilities and showers are available.

Do I need to be able to swim? In short, no.

Is it a full body workout? Absolutely, during a My Bodhi session you will get a full body workout aimed at you legs, thighs, waist, buttocks and your cardio-vascular system.

I suffer from backache Firstly, always consult your medical practitioner before undertaking any form of exercise. We will guide you upon your arrival and adjust the bike settings to accommodate you injury. Please make us aware of your injury at your first visit so we can properly take care of you

I am pregnant… Yes, this is a perfect work out for pregnant women due to the buoyancy of the water there is no pressure on the stomach or joints. As always advised, do consult a medical practitioner before undertaking any form of exercise.

Will i sweat? Due to the cooling effect of water, you will not feel the discomfort of sweating.

Will I get my hair wet? No, your neck and head will remain completely dry throughout the session.

How much are the classes? Classes start from 30€ per session and work out cheaper if you buy a block of sessions.

How many classes are recommended to do per week? 2 classes per week is ideal.

Does it matter if i haven’t done any exercise in a long time? No it doesn’t matter as you can work at your own pace and pick up the speed as you increase your fitness

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